Latex Onderhoud
Tips voor het onderhouden van latex / rubber kleding


Latex / rubber clothing can stay good for years .... provided you maintain it yourself! There are various care products for latex for sale to keep it nicely shiny and supple. The better you maintain the latex, the longer you (and others) can enjoy it. If you clean and care for latex clothing properly, it can last for years.

Depending on your preference, you choose a particular product. Apart from the latex spray cans, all other products are super economical in use; because you do them on a cloth or sponge and you know exactly what you use. The spray cans do give a huge high gloss, but you spray a part of it into nothing. And everything in the area is smooth where you are going to spray (so ... do it outside!).

There are several different brands available, but the best known are: ViviSchine, BeGloss and LatexRepair. All products are similar and there is actually nothing bad. It is purely a personal choice, in terms of price, thickness, fluidity etc.

Below are some tips:

  • Keep latex lying in a dry and dark place.
  • Not in direct sunlight (and solarium) i.v. discolouration and risk of drying out.
  • Do not let the latex freeze, preferably not below 6 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid contact with metals; in time, the chemical reaction causes rust spots that no longer occur.
  • Avoid smoke / nicotine, perfume, deodorant, oil, sweat and blood.
  • Keep away from burning cigarettes; when touched, a small hole is created which can quickly tear through.
  • Wash in a lukewarm warm soapy water after use with hand soap; then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Sprinkle on the inside talcum powder and spray on the outside gloss spray. Or completely in the spray or a shine and lubricant. Only use water-based agents.
  • Do not wash the latex in the washing machine, do not tumble dry, do not iron. If you want to do it ... then on wool and in a laundry bag or pillowcase.
  • Do not lay different colors of latex on each other; colors can give off to each other (bleeding).
  • TIP! In latex laps / sheets and therefore also latex clothing there is always a leftover chemical because of the vulcanization process. After about 5 years, these can make the latex stiffer because the process of vulcanization (hardening) continues very slowly. If you want to wear your clothes longer than 5 years, we advise you to put them in generous water for 1 day after purchase. Then the last chemicals also pull out of the latex.
  • Always use the various types of polish, polish, sprays for latex and the like outside! Because if you spill something, or a bottle falls over, or spray on the floor ... everything becomes slippery and it is difficult to remove (see bottom of this page).

Below you will find an overview of the various maintenance products, polishes, sprays and spray cans from ViviShinem, BeGloss and LatexRepair.
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ViviShine 30 ml

Vivishine 150 ml

Vivishine 500 ml

ViviShine spray 250 ml

ViviShine Clean 250 ml

ViviShine ViviDress 250 ml

ViviShine FreshUp

BeGloss Perfect Shine

BeGloss spray

BeGloss 1 liter

BeGloss 2,5 liter

BeGloss spray 400 ml

BeBloss wipes

Latex Repair Polish

Latex Repair glans & dress